Change Of Ownership Status

Listed below are some common situations that result in either a change of ownership, or a change to owner status. The right column describes the document(s) required to effect the change (There may be some differences in the requirements due to laws in particular jurisdictions). All changes must be submitted in writing.

Documentation Required
Address or Bank Change Submit change request in writing with your signature and last 4 digits of your social security or tax identification number. For address changes, please click on the following link and complete the form — Download the Change of Address Request Form here. For Bank changes, please click on the following link and complete the form — Download the Murphy Direct Deposit Enrollment Form here.
Individual Name Changes Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree reinstating maiden name or other document affecting name change. Submit a copy of the required documentation along with a notation of your owner number. Also, please resubmit a revised W–9 Form. Download the form here.
Company or Corporation Name Change Certificate of Name Change including Tax ID; A revised W–9 Form will need to be submitted. Download the form here.
Company or Corporation’s Name Change Due to Merger Certificate of Merger including Tax ID.
Change of Social Security Number or Tax ID  Please resubmit a revised W–9 Form. Download the form here.
Appointment of Attorney-In-Fact Copy of Power of Attorney filed of record in county/parish in which the property is located
Sale of Interest Copy of Conveyance filed of record in the county/parish in which the property is located.
Ownership Change due to Divorce Complete Divorce Decree including Settlement Agreement, recorded conveyances (if appropriate).
Creation of Trust/Partnership Trust or Partnership Agreement and, if appropriate, recorded document conveying the interest in a property to the Trust or Partnership.
Termination of Trust/Partnership Dissolution of Trust or Partnership and, if appropriate, recorded conveyance to beneficiary.
Change in Trustee Instrument whereby the successor trustee was appointed.
Joint Tenancy — One Death Death Certificate of the deceased Joint Tenant.
Estate Proceedings:   
Deceased — Testate 
(With a Will) 

  • Copy of the Death Certificate 
  • Copy of Letters Testamentary If payments are to be issued to the Estate (please include Tax ID #, if applicable) 
  • Copy of Probated Will with Final Decree, Judgment of Possession and/or Order Admitting Will to Probate 
  • If deceased owner had a Will that was one of the following: – Probated in the county/parish of place of residence, but county/parish is not the location of the well OR – The Will was not admitted for probate. THEN a certified copy of the Will should be filed of record in the county/parish where the well is located.
  • Name, address, telephone number and completed W–9 Form for each heir/devisee. Download the form here.
  • A copy of any Trust Agreements, if applicable. 
Deceased — Intestate 
(Without a Will)
(Laws of Descent and Distribution will apply as relevant) 
  • Copy of Death Certificate
  • Affidavit of Heirship completed by a disinterested party who is familiar with the family and martial history of the deceased, but does not stand to benefit from the estate, notarized and filed of record in the county/parish in which the well is located.
  • Name, address, telephone number and completed W–9 Form for each heir. Download the form here.

Chapter 11

  • Plan of Reorganization
  • Order Confirming the Plan of Reorganization

Chapter 7 

  • Recorded conveyance (as appropriate)
  • Order Naming Trustee of Bankruptcy Estate


  • All payees are required to provide a social security or tax identification number. If a number is not provided Federal law requires tax withholding of 28%. In order to provide your tax identification number, please click on the link below and complete the attached form. 
  • All changes of ownership must be filed of record in the County/Parish where the property is located. 
  • Laws of agency preclude us from providing forms for conveying real property interests. However, you may contact an attorney, Legal Aid Society, or your local Bar Association for assistance in handling these matters.
  • Address changes cannot be handled by telephone. A written request is required. Please download the Change of Address form and complete the form.